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How can we help?

We can help you address these questions and create innovations to your business as usual which will allow you to integrate ‘the vital few’ actions you need to focus on now for your business strategy.

We can help you figure out appropriate sustainable business strategies, clear frameworks for climate action policies and practical ways to implement these quickly.

We will support you as you realize your plans with workshops and facilitation to find and integrate suitable tools.


Why Greengold?


Over the last ten years, we have created world class leadership in low carbon solutions, examples include:


What Greengold can offer?


Given our extensive experience and proven track record of delivery, we know what works.


We can provide appropriate ways of helping you make sense of sustainable business and carbon complexities.


We can provide you with a perspective and practical ways of delivering business value in a way that won't distract you from your main job and won’t break the bank.

Greengold can provide focused advice and work with business leaders to maximize business performance.  Developing clarity of purpose, saving time and effort, which will allow the business to navigate these cross-cutting themes and concentrate on its core activity. 

Our model for delivery shows the step-wise process for our services:


The pathway through 'carbon confusion'

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Our services can be adapted to suit your organization and budget. We provide a structured solution to your climate change and sustainable business needs appropriate to your budget and size.


Greenlite is an initial assessment of the existing business risks and opportunities.


Greenplus delineates potential business value add and options for integrating solutions into the business


Supergreen develops the business plan and strategic options to prosper in a low carbon economy